[JR東日本提供機票及午餐]JR東日本鐵路公司暑期實習 7/24-8/1

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This is an unpaid internship, but the following benefits are afforded each intern: ・Flight expenses to and from Japan will be covered by JR-East for participants coming to Tokyo from overseas. ・A lunch stipend will be provided. ・Accommodations will be provided to those whose commute to the company is over 2 hours one-way, and those from abroad.


Interns will attend lectures in the first half of the internship, learning about the company, its global vision, and technological innovations. For the other half, each intern will choose a specific field of interest and carry out related fieldwork. Interns will also have the opportunity to visit various facilities and sites.
◆Interns can choose their field of interest from the following list
(The list may change depending on each department's situation.)

1. Overseas business
Interns will learn strategies for overseas business development and work on overseas projects.
2. Vehicles
Interns will observe the inspection, repair, and manufacturing processes of vehicles to learn about their maintenance procedures and operational improvement.
3. Mechanical equipment
Interns will learn about the work of designing, newly establishing, and maintaining machine equipment such as escalators, elevators, air conditioning equipment, train platform doors, etc., including the ticket vending system such as ticket vending machines and ticket gates, Suica system.
4. Track Maintenance
Interns will participate in the examination of the maintenance procedures, which are conducted under particular track conditions. Interns will experience the inspection of tracks and structures, plans for their repair, and supervision of construction work.
5. Civil Engineering
Interns will participate in the planning and supervision of construction as part of the whole construction cycle (renovation of terminals, construction of new lines and two-level crossings, etc.).
Interns have the opportunity to visit sites of on-going projects.
6. Construction
Interns will take part in the design, supervision, and planning of station buildings.
Interns have the opportunity to visit sites of ongoing projects.
7. Electricity
Interns will observe the train control system, energy, and telecommunication network and learn the overview of our electrical division. Interns will also learn the procedure of each of our projects, original technology of electric railways, and operation of electrical equipment including their maintenance.
8. Sales and Tourism Strategy
Interns will learn about the planning of sales strategies of promotion for railway users and tourism business.
9. Service Quality Control
Interns will learn how JR satisfies customers’ demands and improves services through the introduction of multiple language support and receiving feedback from customers and employees.
10. Life style business development(non-rail business)
Interns will learn about town planning mainly at the station, such as business related to business strategy such as retail, shopping center, hotel, office etc. at the station, business related to maintenance and value improvement of property held by real estate etc, work on regional revitalization.
11. Suica
Interns will deepen our understanding of the work related to Suica (IC ticket / electronic money) and credit card business.
12. IT
Interns will learn about business innovation utilizing ICT in railway business and proposing new service.


English: business level and above


Step2:在東日本鐵路公司職缺網站註冊 https://goo.gl/mcfGUk
Step3:於上述網站點選 "apply" and send your "Video CV" to the upload page (we will send you the link). Application period: Saturday, 4/28 ~ Sunday, 5/20

Video CV submission period: Thursday, 5/10 ~ Friday, 5/25 ※Those who submit a video CV will be contacted starting from May 10th. Please upload the Video CV to the URL we share with you.

* Online interview: Monday, 5/21 ~ Wednesday, 6/6
※Only those who pass the video form screening will be contacted for an online interview.

* Internship invitations decided: Friday, 6/8 and onward
※Only those who are invited will be informed of this result.






If you have any questions regarding the internship opportunities in JR-East, you may send an email to: